How Much Transparency Should You Have in Your Company With Employees and the Public?

Proper communication in a company can never be underestimated enough when wanting to nurture a corporate team working on a major goal. As much as you may think companies in America work on a level like Apple, far too many consider such team alignment as a pipe dream. And that mindset comes strictly from employees who realize their leaders need to think about being transparent and open about everything in order to establish better teamwork. Also, customers are starting to establish more personal relationships with companies and expect to know everything about them in order to make this happen.

It's all part of a wider picture showing how much a sense of transparency benefits a company today. Some polls have shown recently that companies with some level of transparency end up cutting their turnover rates exponentially. They also increase their productivity levels by almost a quarter.

With proof of this, CEO's of companies may finally move corporations away from the days when the top brass seemed far separated from the workers who actually got things done. What paths are they starting to take now that can benefit your own company in making sure everyone is on the same page to meet definitive goals? The same applies in letting customers know everything about you to give a new sense of personalization.

Making Goals Clear

Your employees may know part of what they need to do when coming to work every morning. But what's the true overall goal of your company, and how can you reach it? By holding regular meetings with your entire staff, you can make it clear what the main objective is so everyone can see the light on the horizon. In a case where your staff might be too large, video conferencing can help give a more personal communication method so they know what's really going on.

Without making a goal understandable (or even achievable), you'll have unmotivated employees who may be secretly throwing in applications to other companies to move on.

How Often to Communicate?

Once you have a company goal in everyone's mind, you have to keep it going as a daily process. No matter that you have one major goal in mind, you have to break it down into portions and reach certain points before leading to the next level. When doing this daily, each day can be highly productive and also invigorating. Especially when your goal is overly lofty, it could take a year or more of intense daily transparency in order to make sure everyone does their part in heading one step closer to goal realization.

Being Transparent About Internal Issues

Far too many companies keep it quiet from employees if any financial issues or other internal concerns exist that need addressing. If you want to create a true team that works together, everyone should be aware of the company's financial health. In fact, employees will rally even more when there's a threat of going under and a goal exists that inspires everyone. Keeping these elements known only to head brass threatens the well-being of everyone and thwarts the transparency you were seeking out for the company.

Being Transparent with Your Customers

Whether you're a company that's large or small, being transparent about most everything will help establish the more personal customer-company relationship. People want to know about your background, how things are produced, and what your company goals are. With so many people incorporating products into their lives that help solve personal problems, they want to know whether your company is truly conscientious or just feigning any care about their customers.

Telling your back story during your marketing campaigns, as well as being up front about your success and failures, can help you keep established customers in your corner for years. That's going to be important when you might be in trouble and need to depend on your customers more than ever in order to survive.


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