Kinetic Brewing Company

Kinetic Brewing Company (661-942-BEER) is favored by many, not only for its attractive familiar atmosphere but because its homemade beers.

The co-owner, Steve Kinsey, is a brewer, offers the finest beers in Lancaster. One of the première tables and bars of the city of Lancaster for which Steve refuses to call it a restaurant.

"It's a brewpub and only one in the city," Steve said at a table where both of us are drinking homemade beers.

The place it is also exceedingly comfortable and with remarkable services. A set meal is offered for $$, but it takes no great effort to spend $19.00. Both are good prices considering the quality of the cuisine and the formal services.

You must begin with a Rusted Gear pint of beer along with Beer Battered Onion Rings or Fried Pickles, then follow with a Supr ê me Blvd Dog all made up with beef frank, bacon, caramelized onions and peppers, Bavarian mustard and Bavarian bun. Another one of the chef's specialties is Cottage Pie all angus chunk. It serves with mashed potatoes, aged Vermont cheddar. Regional beers, all Steve's trademarks, include the delicious McLernon's or Ignition. Both of them run only for $5.00 per pint.

I have a chat with Steve Kinsey which he explained he did not go to any brewing school at how to make beers, and during this neighborly conversation, he seems positive of being the first and the only one brewing company in the Antelope Valley.

It appears he has done it. On the promise does not have disco. Except a television. I notice the visitors from singles to couples are not interested about it. They come here to have a good time and having one of those delicious pint of beers.

As Mr. Jackson, a regular drinker, sitting at the table with his fiancé, notes:

"It's a great place of drinking beers. All regional ones, and they are very good and tasting."

Kinetic Brewing Company is located at 735 West Lancaster Boulevard, California, 93534. It's 70 miles north of Los Angeles. Open daily. Monday and Wednesday 4pm-10pm. Thursday 11am -11pm. Friday and Saturday 11am -12am. Sunday 11am-8pm.

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