The Gilliam Candy Company

The Gilliam Candy Company has been around since 1927, and was established in Henderson, Nevada. They have some of the most popular hard candies in the United States of America. Although you may be asking yourself if you have ever heard of them before, not knowing that you have.

Remember those candy sticks that didn't cost you much at the drug store when you were a kid way back when? Maybe you had their infamous lemon drops that look like they had sugar sprinkled on the outside but turned out to be so sour. Whichever of their many flavors of hard candies you have tried, you have obviously had something of theirs but do not recall their name.

The typical 6 oz bag of candy you would buy of the Gilliam candy is now around $1.99 per bag at most places across the U.S. It is noted on the back of the bag of lemon drops that a serving size is 5 pieces, which is 11 servings a bag. That is 55 pieces (supposedly) in each bag. Each serving is 60 calories. There are 15 grams of carbohydrates in them and 15 grams of sugar as well.

The lemon drops made by the Gilliam Candy Company are made up of sugar, corn syrup, citric acid, artificial flavor and FD&C; Yellow #5.

The bagged flavors you will find are horehound, lemon drops, wild cherry, cinnamon, root beer, watermelon and licorice. The root beer flavor is actually shaped in the form of a barrel. There are many other flavors, but these are the most popular ones. They also make these same flavors into candy sticks, which are individually wrapped, and can be bought individually or in decorative tins.

These wonderful treats make great stocking stuffers or party favors. Kids will eat them up as they can be addicting. You may want to set them out in a decorative candy dish for all to enjoy as people come to visit. These candies will last for a long time after being exposed to air. Although they will tend to stick to one another if left unwrapped.

The next time you are in Cracker Barrell or some place that sells hard candy take a look at the brands they have. More than likely you will find that Gilliam is the most popular brand of candies they sell. You can even find them at Silver Dollar City in various stores. Why, even Six Flags amusement parks have them as well. These wonderful treats are hard to pass up once you have tried a few of them.

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