The Knott Company

Recently I was thinking back on the first job I had, at a place called The Knott Company. It was a small 'family owned' business. The business involved the carving of knotholes into figurines. After I had worked there a couple of years, the owner, Tigh Knott, thought that the company name wasn't descriptive enough and that business was suffering, so he changed the name to The Knott Knothole Company. Business improved and things started looking better.

As the years rolled on, it was decided that his oldest son, Don Knott, would help run the business and the company name was changed one more, this time to Knott & Knott Knothole Company. Our largest competitors at that time were the Carve Knothole Company owned by Clay Carve and the Sande 'n' Shoo Knothole Company owned by Sal Sande and Tu Shoo. They owned thirty percent of the market share but were increasing that with every year. It was during one particularly profitable year that the worst thing for us happened, the Carve and the Sande companies merged. They formed the Carve & Sande Knothole Company and the following year owned over fifty percent of the market. Tu Shoo decided to keep his share of the company and formed the Shoo Shoe Shop.

Don Knott was starting to become irritated, with what he perceived, as his father's old views on the knothole business. He would constantly be having arguments with him about 'modernizing' the business. Tigh Knott would have none of this nonsense and it came to a head with Don quitting and forming his own business.

Trying to compete against two giants in the industry was hard and Don was trying to pull in some of his old clients. But he was also trying to distance himself from the old company. He called his new company Not The Knott & Knott Knothole Company. Tigh's company was losing so much work that he decided to bring his only daughter into the business and renamed it the Knott, Knott & Knott Knothole Company. Don Knott struck back and renamed his company Not The Knott, Knott & Knott Knothole Company. However, at this time the Carve & Sande Knothole Company decided to take on another partner, Billy Buffe who had risen through the ranks and had shown great insight into the knothole business. The new company was christened Carve, Sande & Buffe Knotholes. It was about this time that I left the business and joined a company that was using new technology to make figurines out of driftwood, the Burns Driftwood Company.

The knothole business has suffered in the intervening years and with the passing of the founder Tigh Knott, the businesses soon merged and formed the Not The Knott, Carve, Knott, Sande, Knott & Buffe Knothole Company and, from what I hear are still do a small share of the industry.

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