Visiting the Hawaiian Vanilla Company in Paauilo, HI: An Interactive Experience

The days when travelers were merely conscientious observers are waning. Nowadays, the predominance of intrepid trekkers expects, and often demands, total absorption with their destination, even if it means getting their hands dirty.

Travelers to Hawaii are no exception and perhaps that is why more and more Island businesses are offering "experiences" as opposed to traditional "look but don't touch" attractions.

Hawaiian Vanilla Company in Paauilo is one such business. Considered to be the only commercial vanilla farm in the entire United States, it offers a unique set of "experiences", including those that put visitors smack dab in the middle of the action, dirty hands and all.

What follows is a brief description of just some of the experiences offered by the Hawaiian Vanilla Company as well as information on how one may go about making reservations.

Experiences Offered

There are a variety of unique experiences that await visitors to the Hawaiian Vanilla Company.

The experiences include farm tours, vanilla tastings, cooking demonstrations, chef's tables, cooking classes, horticulture seminars, volunteer opportunities, teas, brunches and dinners.

As of early 2011 there are two Hawaiian vanilla experiences that are priced right around $25; vanilla tastings and upcountry teas.

The 45 minute Vanilla Tasting includes a vanilla infused beverage, vanilla infused desert, educational lecture and tour of the vanillary. It is offered Monday through Saturday at 10:30 am as well as by appointment for large groups.

The equally as inviting, 1 hour Upcountry Tea is offered Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 3:00 pm and is inclusive of vanilla infused teas and desserts.

Travelers that are employing a more leisurely Hawaiian itinerary may wish to consider partaking of the two hour, Hawaiian Vanilla Experience which includes a complete vanilla infused repast, lecture and walking tour of the vanillary.

It is one of the more popular tours offered by the Hawaiian Vanilla Company and is superlative for those that desire an immersion course in all things vanilla.

Those travelers that literally want to get their hands dirty may want to consider one of the Hawaiian Vanilla Company's horticulture experiences.

Participants in select horticulture experiences are given the opportunity to engage in such activities as cutting, cultivating, fertilizing and transplanting vanilla plants within the company's greenhouses.

Advance Reservations

Advance reservations for any of the Hawaiian Vanilla Company experiences may be made by contacting the company staff either by phone or online.

Would-be tour participants should be mindful of the fact that tour prices, times, policies and elements are subject to change and as such should be verified directly with the Hawaiian Vanilla Company's staff prior to trip departure.

Hawaiian Vanilla Company
43-2007 Paauilo Mauka Road
Paauilo, HI 96776

Additional Information

Travelers that would like to garner more information about things to experience while in Hawaii should log onto the state's tourism authority website.

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