What is Wrong with Comcast Cable Company?

What is wrong with this company? Don't you think being such a large company that you would want good customer relations? Well, not only are they rated the worst customer support and technical support company, but I can vouch for this from my own experiences.

I joined up to receive a package deal that was being advertised on television, some 99 dollars a month deal for all three of the package which includes cable, Internet, and phone service. Well, from the first day of installation I had problems. The installer could not get my Internet service to work and it was nearing 4 o'clock (his day ended at this time), and he was by no means going to get it working for me, so he rushed off and said to call customer service, blah, blah, and left me with no service. Meanwhile, my children where waiting patiently for this service so they could finally go on line after months of waiting.

Next, I received extra charges on my bill for not only calling to get this fixed, but also stuff that they did not disclose after I asked specifically what all the charges would consist of. After waiting practically hours to talk to someone numerous times to correct these issues, I was spoken to like I was a moron and didn't have a clue about what I was talking of. Finally getting some charges discredited, but the service charge for the FREE installation still was charged!

I currently have a problem with the lower 20 channels and have called numerous times. Had them try to resolve it over the phone, then a service call ($25 fee to me for problems from their service), and then had my lines replaced to no resolve, still have the channels constantly going in and out.

Then their is the phone which sometimes rings for no apparent reason, or when someone is talking will hang up, and of course have of the time people can't hear me speaking. Then the Internet, please, they say that you get a certain speed, well then why is mine so slow and when I check my on line speed it reads so very low? They are a shoddy company whose only concern is profit. I hope that they go bankrupt because a new customer friendly cable company comes along. I will gladly switch in a blink of an eye!

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