Who is Best to Carry Your Company's Message?

If your business has a solid promotional message or branding plan to "push" then you are ahead of the game. Many small businesses and companies do not have a clear idea of the message they want to get out to the target market. If you DO know what it is you want to say and have a good comprehension of the company "message," now it is time to think about who is/are the best person/people to carry that message to the intended audience.

It really is important to determine WHO should deliver the company's message. When it comes to productive communication, people do pay attention to who is doing the communicating. This is one of the main reasons for the celebrity "spokesperson." A great deal of money and research goes into determining who the "target market" trusts and who has the greatest chance of influencing the specific demographics that products and services are intended for.

Even small businesses or local operations can take advantage of this approach. While you might not have access to a celebrity, you can consider who within your organization has the best chance of reaching the target market. Of course, everyone in the organization or business should understand the company message and know what the mission and purpose of the business is, but who delivers the public message is another matter.

The better you understand the specifics of your target market, the more likely you will find a good "fit" for sharing the company's message. Do not assume that the spokesperson must be exactly like the target market. Unless your target market is very small and homogenous, diversity will likely be the name of the game. Find someone who has the ability to reach across the demographic differences and communicate with everyone.

It is also important to consider the situation. For example, you might want a certain person to make a presentation to the local rotary and another one to do outreach with the younger members of your target market. Put some thought into who can be persuasive, reputable and stay "on message" when you are deciding who will carry the company's message into the public arena.

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