Boston City Real Estate

Boston city real estate lies within 48.4 square miles of Suffolk County. The northern boundary is essentially the Charles and the Mystic Rivers. The eastern boundary is unmistakably Massachusetts Bay. To the south the boundary is the Neponset River. To the west there is no natural, definitive geographic boundary, but West Roxbury and Stony Brook Reservation are convenient markers.

The historic and business center of Boston city real estate is the downtown district, which is surrounded on three sides by water. Across the Charles River is Cambridge. Beyond the inner harbor is Massachusetts Bay. Below Fort Point Channel is the neighborhood of South Boston, once a separate town. Boston's landmass has tripled in the past 350 years

The Color in Boston City Real Estate

Boston is a city of some 600,000 people. It is a city of pronounced and proud neighborhoods, some of which are very well known. Downtown is the heart. Back Bay, the product of a landfill project that enabled Boston to extend its landmass, is another. Once a stagnant pool of water to the immediate west of Boston Common, it now holds some of the city's most exclusive real estate. Beacon Hill is without doubt the best known. A close-knit downtown community characterized by cobblestone streets and row houses, it gained its name as a vantage point for foreign invasions.

Mission Hill, to the west of downtown, was once farm and brewery land. Today it is an architectural landmark district. Dorchester, to the southeast, is the largest and oldest neighborhood of Boston city real estate, having been founded just months before Boston itself. West Roxbury, to the far southwest, was annexed by the city in 1874. Bordered by Hyde Park, its tree-lined streets and single-family homes give it a suburban feel.

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