City Of Omaha Nebraska

In 2004 the City of Omaha Nebraska celebrates its 150th anniversary! For a city that's so young, Omaha certainly has a lot to offer. Noted for its culture, Omaha is bristling with artists of all kinds. You could say Omaha's culture is a reflection of its remarkable architecture. The product of a long line of distinguished architects is a cut above when it comes to landmarks!

If you love Nebraska but need to have access to Iowa, then Omaha is the place for you. The City of Omaha Nebraska is situated along the Missouri River, so it is almost in Iowa, although very definitely part of Nebraska! Nebraska grew up as a result of a ferry company operating between Iowa and the new State of Nebraska, and the railroads quickly followed.


Cornflakes by Train?

First home to the Eastern terminus of the Transcontinental Railroad, the City of Omaha Nebraska today is home to the headquarters of the Union Pacific Railroad, and no less than three first class railroads serve the area. So if you love rail travel, again, the City of Omaha Nebraska is the place for you!

Agriculture and food processing are both important industries in the City of Omaha Nebraska, with several big international food processing companies operating from here, including the legendary Kellogg cereal company. Communications and telemarketing also provide a great many jobs for the people of Omaha. In fact, the City of Omaha Nebraska is referred to as the USA's 800-number capital!

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