How to Obtain a Real Estate Salesperson License

  • Introduction
    • A real estate salesperson facilitates sales of real property for individuals or businesses. Regardless of whether or not you're marketing an office building to an investor, or helping a young couple find their first home, you'll need a license before beginning to work as a real estate agent.

  • Step 1: Real Estate License State Requirements
    • Each state sets its own requirements for obtaining a real estate license. You'll usually need to pass a criminal records check, undergo a period of training, and pass an exam. Some states require a prospective agent to have a sponsoring brokerage before sitting for the exam.

  • Step 2: Real Estate License Training
    • Community colleges and vocational schools offer real estate courses. You can also find classes online. You'll want to make sure whichever course you select meets your state's requirements. Some larger real estate brokerages offer their own courses.

  • Step 3: Real Estate License Exam
    • Each state's exam is different, dealing with national standards and state specific laws and regulations. The real estate licensing exam will test your knowledge of
    1. English
    2. Mathematics
    3. Real estate law, including topics such as contracts, handling of escrow funds, and fiduciary responsibilities
    4. Real estate business ethics
    5. Appraisal methodology

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