Illinois Real Estate

  • Champaign Urbana (two separate cities that, like the Twin Cities in Minnesota, are often treated as one) is a thriving, diverse region with a world-class university, beautiful parks and recreation are….
  • Chicago Apartments and Condos
    Chicago apartments and condos are available in almost all of the city's neighborhoods. Every price range, size, and architectural style is represented. Whether one is looking for an efficiency or the ..

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How to Buy Real Estate for Investment

    • Avoid get rich quick schemes
    • Look for property you want to buy not just for investment
    • Have a good lawyer
    • Buy only what you can afford

Making money with real estate has recently lost its glamor, but as prices fall, chances to buy a profitable property will arise. With the market on the low side there are opportunities to buy land, houses, and other properties that were beyond many investors reach just a short time ago. Read on for a step by step explanation covering how to buy real estate

Donald Trump made his fortune in real estate. However, any person need only look at any local paper at the foreclosure and auction notices to see the other side of Real Estate investing. This current situation, while not a fertile environment for a quick buck, offers some better values with a better chance of rising from present lows.

The current market place for investing in real estate requires extra caution and care before moving forward. You must know determine how much you can afford when it comes to investing, and what is your time line as far as expecting to turn a profit. Then you must study the property or properties you are interested in to appraise them properly. Once the money is lined up and you have appraised the asset then comes the time to buy the property and be prepared to handle all the taxes and legal work that is involved in owning property.


  • What are Short Sales?

This video on YouTube by Money Talks covers the short sales from a realistic view. They explain what they are and try to dispel any of the get rich …
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This video on YouTube by Money Talks covers the short sales from a realistic view. They explain what they are and try to dispel any of the get rich quick scams out there. It explains how the buyer must be ready to negotiate with the lender who while trying to avoid the cost of foreclosure is looking to minimize their losses that come with a short sale on real estate.


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Top of Form

Bottom of Form…

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What You Should Know About the Company Before Your Job Interview

Before your job interview, you can and should research the company for which you are interviewing. It is likely the interviewer will be looking to fully understand why you want to work for his/her organization and having some knowledge about the company and its products or services can go a long way towards proving your motivation is in the right place. Furthermore, some of the interview questions you are asked may be designed to assess whether you've done your homework when it comes to learning about your potential employer. Imagine your embarrassment when the interviewer asks you to comment on a company achievement recently in the news and you are unable to respond because you were not aware of the event. In addition to learning about the company, you should also be "in the know" as it relates to recent industry trends and hot topics. For example, if you are interviewing for a position at a large banking institution, you should probably be aware of how the recent economic issues have impacted the banking industry. Advanced preparation and research will ensure you feel confident during the interview process and answer in a way that demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of your field.

When it comes to learning about a company, one of the best places for information is the company website. If you don't know their web address, you can easily locate it by conducting an online search. Once you are on the company website, you'll likely see the same types of information displayed, regardless of the company. Commonly posted information includes a general company overview, a description of products or services (how the company makes money), recent news or press releases, the company mission and vision statement and a description of company values. A close review of the company website allows you to gather information directly from the source. Once you've absorbed this information, take some time to see what else you can find on the internet. For example, what are the business journals and other trade publications saying about the company for which you plan to interview? Has the company been in the news lately and if so, why? Who are the company's competitors? What is the latest industry news?

During the interview, let the interviewer see the hard work you put into learning about the company by integrating your research into your answers. This demonstrates that you've invested time in preparing for the interview. Also, it shows that you have sufficient interest in the company and can apply your skills in a way that fits with the company's products, services, culture or strategy. When determining which candidate to hire, you can be sure the interviewer will factor in your ability to see the big picture within industry and your knowledge of the company's role in the marketplace.…

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When Should I Take My Company Public?

An entrepreneur often launches a business with the idea that one day he’ll take the business public. The question then becomes: When is the best time to take a company public?

A business owner most often takes his company public when he needs extra capital for expansion. If he attempts to go public with the business in a desperate move to gain capital for the business to survive, it’s often the wrong move.

The Security and Exchange Commission addressed the issue of when/if to take a company public in its publication: Should My Company Go Public? According to the SEC, “When your company needs additional capital, going public may be the right choice, but you should weigh your options carefully.”

Generally, the best time to take a company public is when:

—The business needs money for expansion, not to survive;
—The business has the initial money needed to take the company public properly;
—The business has adequate to staff to administer a public company and the/or the expansion process; and,
—The business is on strong footing in the marketplace and going public would not jeopardize that growth.

It Takes Money to Make Money
The first two issues covered are intertwined as they involve money. A company can go public in a limited way. With a limited public offering, a company can raise money while spending a minimal amount for basic registration fees. When a company goes public (fully) the registration fees increase, so if a company’s aim is to go public, it has to have the money necessary to pay the fees associated with the move.

Since taking a company public involves additional costs and legal obligations, the business owner must thoroughly understand the process. That involves accountants and lawyers and lots of paperwork. All of these involve increased expenditures, so again, if the aim is to raise money for a fledgling business, it’s defeating the purpose.

If the purpose of taking a company public is to attain working capital, particularly if the business is in its infancy, business owners have other options to consider. It may be wiser to apply for a loan from the Small Business Administration. Another option the SEC recommends is “selling securities in transactions that are exempt from the registration process.”

Beyond the money aspect, taking a company public involves changing the very nature of the company in terms of management. Here are a few of the obligations of a publicly traded company, according to the SEC.

–The transition from sole proprietor or partnership to public involves increased legal obligations. If the business owner fails to meet those obligations, he can be held liable legally.

–If the company is taken public and involves shareholders, those shareholders will want information on their investment. They have to know the company’s financial condition, upcoming costs, legal obligations and the general financial status.

–From a legal standpoint, when a company goes public, it must function within certain parameters that a sole proprietor doesn’t have to adhere to. An owner who takes his company public loses the ability to act on gut feelings. Shareholders are involved, and they may have a say in the dealings of the company. That costs the business owner flexibility to act on current market conditions quickly.

–A publicly-traded company costs money to maintain. There are regular meeting which means the owner must have someone taking minutes and translating all that information into a written form that can be viewed by shareholders. It takes time away from the actual business and it costs money in extra manpower to keep up with the legal obligations.

The decision to take a company should not be taken lightly. Before a business owner makes that decision he should consider the personal, financial and legal ramifications of such a move as it will follow the company and its founders for the life of the company.…

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How to Become a Real Estate Broker

    • Becoming a real estate broker requires training in sales, real estate law, and business management. You’ll first need to be licensed as an agent and spend time working in the field before applying for a broker’s license. Brokers can either work independently or hire other agents to expand their business.

  • Step 1: Determine if It’s Right for You
    • As a real estate agent, you assist people and businesses in buying, selling, and leasing property while being supervised by a broker. Real estate agents cannot work independently. A real estate broker not only assists people and businesses in buying and selling property, but is also licensed to manage other agents and run their own business. If the management aspects of the business (and the increased income potential it represents) appeals to you, you might be suited for a career as a broker.

  • Step 2: Become a Real Estate Agent
    • Every state and the District of Columbia has a government agency devoted to real estate. The specific requirements for licensing are determined by each state board, so requirements vary between states. In general, however, most states require you to:
    1. Be at least 18 years old
    2. Have graduated from high school or hold a G.E.D.
    3. Pass a written exam. Some states require a minimum number of hours of course work before you are permitted to sit for the exam
    4. Submit to a background check

  • Step 3: Become Licensed as a Broker
    • As with agents, brokers are licensed by individual states, so requirements may vary. In general, a real estate broker should have:
    1. A valid real estate agent’s license
    2. One to three years of experience as an agent
    3. 60-90 hours of brokerage training
    4. Passed a written brokerage exam
    • While not required, courses in finance, business administration, marketing, and accounting will also be helpful.

  • Conclusion
    • In order to become a broker, you need to have satisfied your state’s requirements for real estate agents as well as those for brokers. While becoming a real estate broker takes more work than becoming a real estate agent, it permits you to operate a business with unlimited earning potential.

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City Of Garden Grove Homes For Sale

City of Garden Grove Homes for sale are located in one of the nation's most vibrant communities. Know as "The City of Youth and Ambition," Garden Grove hosts a number of diverse festivals each year. The Strawberry Festival, for example, is one of the nation's largest Memorial Day gatherings.

Garden Grove is strongly committed to racial and religious tolerance, holding four multi-ethnic events each year. The city also has the greatest number of religious centers per capita in all of California. Such an emphasis on equality leads to a wonderful sense of civic pride and togetherness.


City of Garden Grove Homes for Sale: Helpful Information

More information about Garden Grove's events and demographics is available thanks to the work of Orange County realtors. Some realtors have set up online resources that let you browse through available homes while you unearth pertinent information about the community you're considering. Such sites make it easy to sift through a wide selection of City of Garden Grove homes for sale.

Such sites also let you get a sense for different Orange County real estate agencies. You can learn of the advantages that some realtors offer. You can also survey the firm's past activity as you strive to choose the most well-equipped, well-prepared realtors.…

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Can Management Dictate Company Culture?

In recent years, there has been a great deal written and discussed about various company "cultures"-the culture of a company being the combined and shared belief and value systems within an organization. The company or organization culture influences how individuals behave and operate, as well as the process with which new employees become acclimated to the corporate or business "scene." Many people believe that a company culture evolves over time and once it is established, it is tough to make drastic changes. This is not to say that the culture is stagnant or cannot change, however. Sometimes, management or owners attempt to create or dictate what the company culture will be with varying degrees of success.

If the values and beliefs of management are cohesive with those of the work force, the influences on company culture may not be an issue. For example, if management decides that open communication and excellent customer service should be key elements of the company culture and good communication channels already exist, as well as dedicated employees who strive to keep customers happy-then there shouldn't be an issue. If, however, management SAYS that the company culture includes open communication but does not create avenues for that or if the reality is that employees comments and requests fall on deaf ears-then there can be a problem.

The company culture IS what is happening and it exists in the genuine workplace setting. If the management team wants to change or influence this, then it needs to be implemented over time and actions need to match mission statement and the "words" used to describe the values and belief systems. If management declares that it values employees, the actions of management need to reflect this stated value. Employees will not respond well if there is a disparity and overall morale and productivity will be affected.

If the company or business has an existing culture, it is really impossible for management to come in and declare or dictate a different set of values and belief systems. New companies or departments will have a better chance of "creating" a culture that is dictated by management since there won't be the working against the status quo.…

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How to Become a Real Estate Lawyer

Interesting in the legal aspect of real estate? Do you want to assist clients with the technical aspects of buying or selling property? If so, becoming a real estate lawyer may be a good career option for you. Read on to learn more about how to become a real estate lawyer.

Real estate transactions can be filled with uncertainty and paperwork complications. Due to this complexity, many turn to real estate lawyers to ensure a smooth and error-free transaction. Real estate lawyers can assist with every step of the transaction process from pre-close contracts, financing and inspection details to closing documents and follow up requirements.

Much of real estate work consists of reviewing documents, researching property regulations and territorial boundaries and attending pre-close and closing sessions for property transactions. This work can be on behalf of private clients, corporate clients or even for real estate brokerage firms. The real estate lawyers can work on any type of real estate transaction.

Lawyers are one of the highest paid professions in the United States. With an average starting salary of close to $70,000 and an average of over $110,000 for seasoned lawyers, this field is highly attractive and competitive. Over 25 percent of lawyers work in a private practice, but lawyers can also work in a law firm, as an employee of a company or in education teaching law or college students.


Step 1: Go to Law School to Become a Real Estate Lawyer


Getting into law school is highly competitive. To improve your chances of law school entrance, attend a highly regarded undergraduate institution. You can major in any discipline, but for Real Estate Law, it is advisable to obtain a business degree or English degree. A business degree will help you understand the transactions involved in real estate and the real estate market, while an English degree will help improve your critical reading skills.

Undergraduate grades as well as your scores on the LSAT (the law school standardized entrance exam) are used by law schools to select candidates, so it is best to get high marks in school and score well on the exam. Prepare for the LSAT through a formal review course offered by Kaplan or other company or review LSAT study guides.

Apply to law schools that offer a concentration or classes specifically on real estate law. The better your foundation in your chosen law discipline in law school, the better your chances of success once you start working as a real estate lawyer. During breaks at law school, consider getting a clerkship at a law firm that specializes in real estate law. This exposure will help increase the connection between coursework and real world work as well as provide connections and experience that you can use when looking for your first job.



Step 2: Pass the Bar Exam in your State to Become a Real Estate Lawyer


Each state has requirements for admittance into the bar, which is necessary to practice law in that state. For most states, you must pass the bar exam and an ethics review exam called the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE). The bar exam is considered an intense exam that requires significant preparation.

The bar exam covers many general areas that are considered foundational knowledge for any lawyer including constitutional law, evidence, criminal law, contracts and real property. While you may not need some of these areas to practice real estate law, you are still required to pass each section to obtain your law license.

You can study for the bar exam by obtaining study guides, or by taking a review class such as one offered by BarBri Bar or other company. The exam is typically 6 hours long and in a multiple choice and essay format. Some states allow you to take the Multistate Bar Exam and obtain a license to practice in multiple states, while some states will not recognize a bar license from other states. Some states require the 3 hour Multistate Essay Examination as part of their testing process.


Step 3: Start Working in Real Estate Law


Most lawyers start their careers in salaried positions at law firms in …

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City Of Redondo Beach, Ca

The City of Redondo Beach, CA is a vibrant and welcoming surf-side community in the South Bay area of Southern California. This community is warm and welcoming, with excellent weather, and resources and activities for people of every age and interest. From concerts in the park to surfing contests and well-stocked libraries, this city offers well-rounded, educated, and healthy people an ideal place to live.

Redondo Beach is famous for being one of Southern California's most enjoyable and relaxing communities. A good Redondo Beach realtor will have important information on all of Redondo Beach's neighborhoods, as well as info on Lomita real estate, Hermosa Beach real estate, Manhattan Beach real estate, as well as info on other South Bay communities.

Find Redondo Beach Info Online

The Internet is an ideal place to being one's moving process. Relocation has been made infinitely easier with the advent of the web. Now, one can find a top realtor and a great area with just the touch of a button.

Redondo Beach is ideally situated at water's edge at the south end of the Santa Monica Bay. Close to all that greater Los Angeles has to offer, this charming beach community is a great place to come home to at the end of the day. The kind of living that people look for on their two-week vacation is available 52 weeks a year here in Redondo Beach.…

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Commercial Real Estate

  • Commercial real estate is a hot property in more ways than one, and many investors make their fortunes in commercial real estate. People who bought property in Manhattan or L.A. in the 1950s can sell ….
  • Louisiana Commercial Property Management
    Louisiana commercial property management companies specialize in the organization of both small and large-scale rental properties. They handle everything from accounting to rent collection to marketi….
  • New Orleans Commercial Property Management
    New Orleans commercial property management can take the worries out of being a property owner. Perhaps your motivation behind purchasing a commercial property was for the long-term investment. Real ….

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